Okay, so about us right..

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You Are our passion.

A couple of years back we started helping brands to get successful on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), this was in the time TikTok was not even availalbe in Europe yet. 

Over these years we have been creating amazing with friendships with creators that we started helping them more and more. 

We are now helping creators in Europe as we really want to help TikTok to become a major platform in the West, as unlike many other platforms, TikTok allows it’s creators (but also brands) to express their creativity.

We are all about TikTok.

Involved since 2016.

Our founder has been involved in TikTok since their launch in mid 2016. That time, it was still called Awesome Me. 

Creator Experience.

We have been working with over 500 TikTok creators in China and helped them grow and monetise their reach. Now it’s time for Europe!

We know It.

Working closely with the TikTok and Douyin team, we know the latest upcoming trends, new features and more.

We have been sharing stuff for sometime.

Some Proof.

We have been featured in major publications for our expertise in TikTok. More info on our marketing website: www.uplabasia.com