For Influencers.

Making you a Hero. 👑

The benefits for you.

You’re a one of a kind creator and we want to help you tell that to the world. 

Workling closely with TikTok since their launch in 2016 we help you find new opportunities to monetize your audience, but also help you to become a better creator and entrepeneur.

Why we are what you are looking for.

Flexible contract.

Screw these totally non-flexible agencies or tech platforms who are earning on your behalf. 

We just take a % on the deals we get for you, whether that’s brand deals, products sales or whatever you want to do.

TikTok Community.

Learn from the best content creators around the globe. 

Free merch, TikTok office visits, private creators events, online community, business support and more!

TikTok since 2016.

UPLAB X is founded by the first contracted TikTok creators all the way back in 2016. 

For over 3 years we have been working closely with TikTok and their creators across Asia and Europe.

What you can expect.



We help you become a better creator, monetise your reach and generate a sustainable income.


Channel growth

In close collaboration with TikTok we provide you insides on upcoming trends on the platform.



Establishing partnerships with leading brands, arrange exclusive products launches, get you on TV shows and more.

The fun stuff


Because you are important for TikTok and the community.

Creator Events.

Access to private creator meetups organised across Europe. 

Free merch.

Free UPLAB X merch because we love you.

Fan meetups.

Helping you identify your fans and let them meet you in person.

Free travels.

We get you to speak at conferences, events and product launches.