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for our expertise in short video, we have been proudly featured by:

The perfect solution if you want to reach a million people.

Stop working with the overpriced companies making more money than the actual creator.
Creators should we rewarded for the done work, as this will at the end influence your ROI significantly.

Qualified creators

Our creators are trained to create content for brands that bring results

Money back guarantee

We provide guaranteed results with our services. No results = Money back.

Early industry adopters

Our team belongs to the first batch of short video creators.

Powered by talented influencers

Creators are the most important assets on TikTok. You should leverage their expertise to stay relevant now, and in the future.

Own creators

The creators are trained by our internal team on creating content for your type of company.

Down to earth

Content that people want to see, no high production branded content that doesn't work.

Creativity first

You can get real creative is you're working with creators and are a short video first company.

Maximised ROI

We always offer a minimum return for all our collaboration because we know what works.

Eneabled by technology to minimise costs.

We created packages based on our success cases in short video. You can directly purchase these packages online and our account manager will get in touch with you. We directly work with creators and automate the onboarding process to reduce your costs.

Why are we different.

We are a fair company in the influencer and social media industry because we pay creators what they deserve. Because of this, you get higher return on investment.

We provide creators 1-1 coaching and training.

Involved since the start of TikTok & Douyin.

Our team exists out of some of the top creators.

We fully focus on transparancy and efficientcy.

We give back to the industry.

Regularly, we are in podcasts, publications and events to share our experiences in short video. We also organise many events, watch one of our after movies below