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Commonly Asked Questions

There are our most asked questions. If you have specific questions about short video in general, check out our blog or Academy. Can't find your answer here? Send us an email on the contact page.

  • Why do you sell packages?
  • Because we use technology to automate some of the processes which takes us less time, we can offer you more for a lower price.

    As every agency we started out with a lot of customization to suit the brands needs. After running many different campaigns we figured that we understand the best on how to succeed through short-video.

    The packages are specifically designed for companies like yours. Because we know what we are doing, we can always guarantee a minimum return on investment.

  • What kind of creator do I get?
  • All the paid advertising packages include content creation from an UPLAB verified creator. This means that the creator has had previous experience in promotional content. You don’t pay extra for this content and is included in the package price.

  • What are the next steps?
  • You click on ‘Get Started’ on the packages box on your right side. You can directly purchase the package, submit your brief etc. 

    We will then get in touch with you regarding the next steps.